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lunes, 4 de enero de 2010

John Cage - Complete Piano Music Vol.1 (Performed by Steffen Shleiermacher)

1.Bacchanale (1940)
2.Totem Ancestor (1942)
3.And The Earth Shall Bear Again (1942)
4.Primitive (1942)
5.In The Name Of The Holocaust (1942)
6.Our Spring Will Come (1943)
7.A Room (1943)
8.Tossed A It I Untroubled (1943)
9.The Perilous Night (1943/44)
10.Root Of An Unfocus (1944)

1.The Unavailable Memory Of (1944)
2.Spontaneous Earth (1944)
3.Triple Paced (1944)
4.A Valentine Out Of Season (1944)
5.Prelude For Meditation (1944)
6.Mysterious Adventure (1945)
7.Daughters Of The Lonesome Isle (1945)
8.Music For Marcel Duchamp (1947)
9.Two Pastorales (1952)

1.Sonatas And Interludes For Prepared Piano (1946-1948)
Performed by Steffen Shleiermacher

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