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jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010

Sonic Youth / SYR3: Invito Al Cielo / Muzikaj Perspektivoj

SYR3: Invito Al Ĉielo is an EP by Sonic Youth. It was the third in a series of experimental releases put out on the band's own SYR label, leading up to the release of their 1998 record A Thousand Leaves. For SYR3 the band collaborated with producer and musician Jim O'Rourke; his continuing work with the group after SYR3 resulted in O'Rourke becoming an official member of Sonic Youth by 2002's Murray Street.
SYR3 follows the band's tradition of having the liner notes for SYR releases written in foreign languages, in this case using Esperanto. However the words that Kim Gordon is heard singing are in English.

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